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  • App is called iLaunchBeacon in the App Store.
  • App runs on an iphone 4s and above.
  • Runs on an iPad 3 and above.
  • IOS7+ required
  • Download app here...


  • App is called iLaunchBeacon in the Play Store.
  • App runs on Android 4.3 and above.
  • Download app here...

What is iLaunch

The iLaunch proximity marketing platform brings a new reality to businesses who want to engage directly with their customers, followers & social media fans based on their location relative to bricks & mortar outlets.

Simply create adverts,offers,information etc. and attach them to specific beacons near your business location. That's it.

It provides real time context aware notifications to an audience using the free iLaunchBeacon app for IOS and Android.

An iLaunch app user receives an alert on his or her mobile device when either in range of an iBeacon or a "virtual beacon" which is a point defined using latitude/longitude. The notification received is then able to redirect the user to any web content such as product information and ordering.

On the backend iLaunch provides a Content Management System (CMS) to attach information to each Beacon (Physical or Virtual). The iLaunch CMS allows the creation of content from simple messages to full HTML5 multi-page websites simply by importing a CSV file.

Using the iLaunch iBeacon platform makes it incredibly simple to interact with people in the proximity of your Beacons, simply by connecting them to relevant parts of your website or iLaunch HTML5 multi-page site.


Advertise your products or services via our own beacon network consisting of 16,500 postcodes in Australia and street level advertising in Metropolitan areas. Top up your account with $10 and get your advert shown 100 times via the beacon chosen.Go to

Franchise Operators & Retailers

  • Engage with customers more precisely based on their location to franchise outlets.
  • Laser targeted lead generation based on proximity of customers.
  • Achieve conversions of 30%+.
  • Click for more info

Real Estate

Create a property advertising network by attaching iLaunch beacons to For Sale signs and provide detailed property information including videos, photos, floor plans, links to council documentation etc. to interested buyers and passersby. Click for more info

Wearable Technology

iLaunch can help you with the safety of your kids or prevent loss of items such as your handbag or your keys. Just place a beacon on your child or attach it to your handbag or keys and our app will notify you everytime the beacon goes out of range. There are so many uses for BodiBeacons in both the personal and corporate space, in fact it's all about the creativity of your imagination.Go to our wearable tacehnology website.

How Does It Work

iBeacon Parameters

Configure iBeacon parameters in terms of range and time before content is displayed.

iBeacon Activation

Configure iBeacon activation based on whether the beacon comes IN or OUT of range around your smartphone.

Step 1

Register for free using the free signup link above on the menu.

Step 2

Add your beacon information to our content management system.

Step 3

Attach a simple alert or a complete multi-page HTML5 mini-site to your beacon after you receive it.

Step 4

Tell your friends & customers to download our app for IOS8/Android 4.3+ that will detect your iBeacon.

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